Damn Daniel is a Videographer, Radio Personality, and a Podcast host. The name "Damn Daniel" originated from always having something crazy happening to him. He also runs a segment on The Turn Up Friday Show called "Movie Talk" giving you insight on upcoming movies. Raised in Santa Ana, CA, Damn Daniel is an entrepreneur with many projects coming out in the near future.

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Dj Mav is a DJ/Producer, Radio Personality, and Podcast host. His love for music started at the age of 13 when he began producing beats. After high school, he continued his passion for music and studied Audio Engineering at The Los Angeles Recording School. He has since been working as a DJ and Audio Engineer, playing all over the West Coast and working with a variety of artist. You can find his music on all major music platforms.

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Fresh is a Graphic Designer, Radio Personality, and Podcast host. He has been doing radio for 6 years and has been a graphic designer since 2010. Raised in Los Angeles, CA, Fresh has mastered the art of networking. Building business relationships with everyone he works with. He fully embraces his chubbiness and with that, he brings a certain type of funny to the show.

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